Mojave Mallows - Handmade Vanilla Bean-Dotted Marshmallows - Treat / Snack

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Gourmet vanilla bean dotted marshmallows handmade with organic ingredients. The classic mallow for any occasion, and perfect for roasting or savoring in a melty cup of hot cocoa by the fire. Each air-tight snack pack includes 2-4 hand-cut artisanal marshmallows, size varies as these are handmade! Best devoured within 2 months at ambient temperature (4 months if refrigerated). -Square-cut vanilla bean-dotted marshmallows -Naturally off-white and fluffy -Tenderly cooked and cured for over 18 hours -Made in California Temperature sensitive. Made to order. Ingredients: Organic Raw Cane Sugar. Organic Raw Agave Nectar. Organic Tapioca. Organic Date Syrup. Kosher Gelatin. Organic Madagascar Vanilla Beans. Organic Madagascar Vanilla Extract. Organic Powdered Sugar.